CC Curl Mixed Length Premium Silk Eyelash Extension

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CC Curl Mixed Length Premium Silk Eyelash Extension Supplies

Each box has 8 different lengths.

Mixed Length: 9(1)10(1)11(2)12(2)13(2)14(2)15(1)16(1)
Type: CC Curl
Available Length: 9mm-16mm
Available Thickness: 0.15 – 0.20
Lines: 12
Material: Premium Silk

Recommended for first time try our lashes or for student because mixed length box has 8 different lengths in 1 box, so you can try and design a full set of lashes using different size.

What is different between Premium Mink and Premium Silk?
Premium Mink is Matte Eyelashes and it is very soft
Premium Silk is glossy eyelashes. It is more volume than Mink

What makes our lashes outstanding?
CC curl is the curl between C & D curl. CC curl is very natural looking and it’s most favorite curl voted by clients
Lightweight Eyelashes, Soft Eyelashes and natural looking Eyelashes
Our lashes can hold the adhesive well, no slippery when apply the eyelash extension. It also can maintain their curl over the life of lashes without straight out.

How to choose high quality eyelash extension?
Light weight
The lash looks shine and soft
No slippery when apply the eyelash extension
Maintain the curl over the lash life (this is very important, a lot of lashes in the market can't keep their curl. After 2 weeks the lashes straight out. This is not good)

Welcome To Lash eyelash extensions have all these characters to be the best product in the market now. We guarantee you will be happy after using our products.